Blaire Adams

As a professional ghostwriter for over two decades, Blaire Adams, has long been a master secret-keeper. Through her previous airline employment, good fortune came to her one evening when she had the privilege of escorting an acting legend to her connecting flight. With the initials of "LB," this actress decided to turn the tables on Blaire by chatting her up – instead of the usual other way around. After perusing excerpts from her personal writing and promising to "put it in the hands of the right people," Blaire acquired a literary agent within the next week. "LB" had kept her promise. To date, Blaire has over 25 celebrity memoirs in her ghostwriting repertoire. Blaire has played an active part in the campaign for women's rights for almost 30 years, and is well known among the principals of that movement. In 1996, she was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show as it examined the issue of an "appropriate amount of working hours" for both custodial and non-custodial mothers. Later in 1999, in addition to being recognized by then-President Bill Clinton, she was appointed an Honorary Kentucky Colonel for her work on both state and federal levels in the protection of victims of domestic violence. Professional writing affiliations include holding offices as Regional Director, Treasurer, and Conference Coordinator in New Jersey, New York, and Florida, along with facilitating writers' groups in almost every state she's resided. Her trademarked writers' groups include Creative Scribes© and Musing Wordsmiths©. Having published articles in several Chattanooga magazines, including "Women's Way Journal," "For Women Only," "Homes & Living," she was a featured author in "The Times Free Press," in 2008, and wrote a monthly syndicated column on Domestic Violence Prevention Awareness Education for a subsidiary of the Times-Journal, Inc. newspaper organization for three years. More recently, she and her faithful Scottie, Quincy, have taken up residence at their newest writer's cottage on Signal Mountain, TN where she can pursue the completion of a more personal project, "Martyred Justice."